The Industry Expert on 19th Century Fabric Reproductions

"I began collecting antique textiles, quilt tops and quilts in the early part of 1970. My husband, Bob, shared my interest very quickly. Together we traveled, buying quilts wherever we could. We enjoyed visiting museums that housed quality quilt collections.

We opened our Quilt Shoppe in Canton, Ohio in 1976. This gave us more reason to keep collecting and sometimes selling our antique quilts and tops. We were never considered dealers since we were more devoted to the Quilt Shoppe business and building our collection. From the very beginning, I was drawn to the soft, dull colors of the quilts made from about 1850-1865 -- especially the quilts made with browns, soft pinks, grey blues and dirty purples. There are many books on the market that give wonderful historic facts about the women of the Civil War and their quilts. As I created my quilts from this era, I tried to visualize myself as one of these women. I thought about how they created the color and patterns for these quilts as I pieced.

Making old-looking quilts has been my forte for the past twenty years. Not finding the kind of colors and prints I wanted to use in my quilts let me to a career in fabric design. I began working with Marcus Fabrics in 1987. Since then, I have created a variety of fabric lines based on Reproduction prints every year. Recently I have been on a creative whirlwind and I am producing some really wonderful Civil War era prints." Look for my new lines to be in your favorite quilt shops soon.