Freebies & Features

January 2012

Our first Anniversary photo submission comes from all the way from Jeanneke Lambriex-Liebregts in The Netherlands -- she'll soon receive a pack of Judie Rothermel fabrics.

Miniature quilt
by Jeanneke Lambriex-Liebregts

"I LOVE all fabrics Judie designs, but most of all I like the Aunt Grace fabrics...Last year I made a doll quilt, called Little Grace. Its size is 13½"x 17"; it's totally made by hand, using the English method (with papers). I used over 50 different Aunt Grace fabrics in it; I love those 'candy' fabrics!"

Mrs. Jeanneke Lambriex-Liebregts, The Netherlands

Dear Jeanneke,

Just writing to let you know how impressed I am with your darling Aunt Grace miniature quilt. I personally like to make miniature quilts so this little quilt of yours just strikes a note with me. I am so happy that you enjoy the Aunt Grace fabrics as much as I do producing them. You are so right, they are candy fabrics! Keep up the good work, you are very talented.

Sincerely, Judie Rothermel

February 2012

Our February winner of a Judie Rothermel fabric pack is Cheryl Lussman of Muscatine, IA. She writes:

Cheryl Lussman
by Cheryl Lussman

"I really enjoyed the large print fabrics from the Aunt Grace Ties One On collection. I have fabric to make a quilt from that collection, but I also wanted to use the large Scottie as the center for stars in this quilt. I fussy cut a "Gracie" for each house doorway and each house has a different conversational print, fussy cut for the windows. This quilt has some earlier Aunt Grace prints like the red Humpty Dumpty print. The sashing print is from the Aunt Grace Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum collection.

I can remember laying out the pieces for this quilt on my living room floor. While I was working, my daughter, Stephanie, ran past and I called to her to help with something. She insisted she was busy and ran off to her bedroom. As I turned back to the quilt, I thought "Stephanie's home, but she can't walk the dog" and that is how we refer to this quilt."

Dear Cheryl,

Thank you for your submission, I absolutely love your fussy-cut details utilizing Gracie and Scottie. I see you've been a collector for some time! I also enjoyed reading your personal story as you were creating the quilt, which is sure to become a family heirloom -- for me, that's what quilting is all about...

Sincerely, Judie Rothermel

March 2012

Our March winner of a Judie Rothermel fabric pack is Marie Pegon of Lyon, France. She writes:

Marie Pegon
by Marie Pegon

Bonjour Judie,

I am so moved to write to you...I am a great lover of all your repro fabrics....and I know, too, that like me you are a GREAT lover of cats! I have the wonderful fortune to have four Maine-Coons: Victory Star , Buckeye Beauty (Bucky), Every Body's Favorite (Ever) and our so beloved Sho-Fly who went to the Rainbow Bridge Sunday 27 November 2011 , the same day he was 16 months old......You can see on Judie 's Purple Spools some of your conversationals with....cats! You must know , too, that EACH first of month, I look at Marcus Fabrics for your new fabrics! So....THANKS for all these marvelous collections of fabrics!

All my best from FRANCE, Marie

Dear Marie,

Your quilt is wonderful! It looks like a quilt that was made over a hundred years ago. I have always loved the spool pattern and of course, scrap bag quilts are my very favorite. Loved hearing about your kitties, I'll bet they love lying on this cozy quilt. My kitty is a British Short Hair and her name is Abbey Road, she loves to travel and lay on my Quilts. Good job, Marie ---- Judie

April 2012

Our Judie Rothermel Featured Fan for April is Cathryn Boyd of Floral Park, NY:

Cathryn Boyd
by Cathryn Boyd

"I made this wall hanging to display at an "Artists and Authors Exhibit" at the university where I work. I wanted to do a quilt to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War, so I hand pieced and hand quilted the Civil War Star block from Judie's book, "Reproduction Quilts From the Civil War Period 1850-1865." All the fabrics are from Judie's reproduction lines, some older and some more recent. I love all the reproduction fabrics that Judie designs and I collect both Aunt Grace fabrics and the Civil War lines, but I especially love the 1800's fabrics. Judie's beautiful fabrics are such an inspiration to those of us who love antique quilts and love recreating them."

Dear Cathryn,

I love your choice of the Civil War star block for your entry in the Artists and Authors Exhibit. It has always been one of my favorite patterns, which I have made several times. Also you used some of my very favorite fabric patterns which I did so long ago. You must have a wonderful collection of these classic prints. Keep up the good work and keep on collecting. I find it fun to use fabrics which are no longer in print in a project. It always makes other quilters wish they had a piece of it! Best Regards, Judie Rothermel

May 2012

Our Judie Rothermel Featured Fan for May is: Emily Hinkel of Springfield, OR

Emily Hinkel
by Emily Hinkel

Dear Judie,

I love all the fabrics you design! Here is a baby quilt I made for a dear friend's new baby girl.

The 30's reproduction fabrics are so cheerful and colorful that I love using them in baby quilts!

I remember when you had a fabric store in Ohio and I would go in to see what new Civil War Reproduction fabrics I could seek out. Later I started to collect the 30's prints! I love them all. Thank you and Marcus Fabrics for all the wonderful quilting times! Past, present and future!

Emily Hinkel

Dear Emily -- Your lovely quilt is proof that sometimes the simple compositions are the best. The pinwheels really highlight the colors in your 30s collection, and the gentle appliquéd vines frame them perfectly. I'm sure your friend's baby girl is enjoying this colorful quilt as well! Best, Judie Rothermel.

June 2012

Our featured quilt for June is by Carolyn Parks of Santa Cruz, CA

Carolyn Parks
by Carolyn Parks

Dear Judie,

I recently completed this quilt for a friend who is an amateur Civil War historian. (The pattern is modified from "Odds & Ends," by designer Jill Reid, published in the June 2010 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting) I have been quilting for years, but had never used reproduction prints before. I have had a wonderful time researching this project, selecting and working with these beautiful fabrics. I love the finished quilt so much, I plan to make a similar one for myself!

I will admit, not every fabric used in this quilt is one of yours; however, most are. I began with a bundle of twenty-two fat quarters from the Civil War Chronicles collection, and then gathered single fat quarters and yardage as I pieced the top.

Thank you so much for your work in producing these fabrics and I look forward to seeing more collections in the future!

Carolyn Parks, Santa Cruz, California

Dear Carolyn --

Your quilt is exquisite! I love your color combinations within each block. In fact, I designed Chronicles with this type of mix-match effect in mind. I also love painstaking quilting, especially along the sashing. What a lucky friend to receive a gift like this! When planning the quilt you'll keep for yourself, you might want to incorporate some prints from our fourth Civil War BOM collection, coming soon! Meanwhile, keep up the lovely work...

Best Regards, Judie Rothermel

July 2012

Our featured quilt for July is by Margo Murrus from the Netherlands

Margo Murrus
by Margo Murrus

This month's featured quilt is from Margo Murrus, who sends this photo to us from the Netherlands! Margo created this cheerful design for her six year-old grandchild, Ilse. We love the personalization, as well as Margo's expert color mixing within the blocks.

Dear Margo --

Thank you for your submission. It's a very pretty quilt, and I'm sure Ilse is enjoying it every day! The Dresden Plate block is always a perfect choice for 1930's prints, and your on-point positioning of the blocks, and the pieced sashing make them even more interesting! Great job!

August 2012

For August 2012, we welcome back Cheryl Lussman of Muscatine, IA and her second submission, entitled "Rick Rack Baskets"

Cheryl Lussman
by Cheryl Lussman

"I made this quilt using the Aunt Grace through the Year collection. The 12 inner blocks represent the 12 months of the year. The blocks are then repeated in the outer border. I enjoyed incorporating some earlier prints, like the Little Boy Blue print used for the November basket and the candy corn in the October basket. The yellow border and binding are the little dog print from the Aunt Grace Scrapbag 2006."

Dear Cheryl --

I love your color combinations -- they make the brights really stand out -- and your clever use of the rick-rack trim for the handles. Yours is a perfect example of how prints collected over a long period of time can still look fresh and complementary when used together in one quilt. It's beautiful! --- Sincerely, Judie