Guild Connection

Easy Ways to Help Grow Your Membership:
Try these fun and easy ways to recruit more members in the coming year
  • Some guilds charge a visitor fee per meeting - instead, offer a trial membership rate valid for 3 months
  • Introduce a Sponsor program that extends a current member's term for a period of time when a friend joins as a new member.
  • Enlist local retailers to display your member brochure or other info, in exchange for free or reduced rate newsletter advertising. Code the brochures so you know where each member came from, and expand the idea beyond quilt shops, to include local bead and yarn stores, gift shops, etc.
  • Plan a cross-membership- meeting with related craft/sewing/needlework groups in the area.
  • Try the approach, where both regular meetings and special events are held at different locations to add interest to the meeting, and to bring events closer to different members at different times.
  • Invest some funds into member marketing and retention.
  • Remember that many of the guild's activities (especially charitable events) are perfect for local news coverage. When you submit news items to local media, always end with a brief membership pitch, such as "For guild membership information, contact XYZ at 123."
Need a New Guild Game Idea?

This is a Fat Quarter Swap game that comes to us from Marcia Huckabee:

"Over time, I have become my guild's unofficial story writer for our Fat Quarter Swap. One story took place at our guild Christmas Party. It was about 'Lefty, the Right Handed Cowboy Quilter'! Chairs are placed in a circle, and each member sits down, with a fat quarter in hand. As I read the story, every time I say the word 'right,' they pass their fat quarters to the right, and every time I say the word 'left,' they pass it to the left! You can choose any other swap word(s) you like, and write your story accordingly. It is really fun! Remember to set aside a couple of extra FQs for the story writer/reader as a little gift. I enjoy writing the story and the ladies enjoy the exchange of fat quarters."
Guild News

We're pleased to share these photos of one of our Guild Connection groups, the Ponte Vedra United Methodist Quilt Circle of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Member Marilyn Elston reports:

"On March 22, 2010 we visited Florida United Methodist Children's Home in Enterprise, Florida. We delivered 31 quilts to Pastor Denny McCullough. Along with the picture of the quilts is a picture of Pastor McCullough, our circle members and the quilts. As I mentioned before, we have quite a bit of fabric left, so we'll be making quilts for the Betty Griffin Rape Crisis Center in St. Augustine, Florida."
Show Us Your Stuff!

Quilt guilds and community service go hand-in-hand. Whether you're supporting the fight against cancer, comforting children in need, encouraging our military forces, we continue to applaud our guild connection members, and all charitable quilters, for your important role in your communities and around the world.

Now that many of our guild members have re-convened following summer breaks, we want to invite you to share with us any images of your ongoing community service projects that include your favorite Marcus Fabrics designs. Please submit up to 3 photos , for possible inclusion on our website.

Attention Quilt Guilds

Marcus Fabrics knows and appreciates the vital role that guilds play in promoting the art of quilting throughout the world. To make the most of this section, we invite you to tell us, and quilters around the world, about your guild, by listing it in our free quilt guild directory. The survey should be completed by an officer of your guild (the president, vice president, treasurer, etc.) - please submit only ONE survey per guild. If your overall guild is made up of several chapters, responses should reflect the total activity of all chapters combined.

To add your guild to our worldwide quilt guild directory,
please complete our brief survey.

If you have any questions before submitting your survey, please contact .

The Cancer Research Institute Thanks Marcus and the Homespun Quilters Guild
The Cancer Research Institute Thanks Marcus and the Homespun Quilters Guild
We know that most of our member guilds are involved in numerous community service projects, and as the struggle against cancer continues, we wanted to congratulate one of our Guild Connection members for its recent efforts that were recognized by the Cancer Research Institute. We recently received a letter of thanks from the Cancer Research Institute in New York, acknowledging both Marcus and the Homespun Quilters Guild of Mt. Carmel, IL.

The guild auctioned fabrics it collected through our guild giveaways to raise over $650. They then asked us for the name of a charity we worked with to which they could make the generous donation. We suggested the Institute, one of the organizations Marcus continues to support through sales of its "pink ribbon" fabrics. We felt that the guild's fabric auction was a wonderful way to raise funds for any worthy cause, and we're proud to have played a part in their charitable efforts! To learn more about the Cancer Research Institute, visit


Guild Connection FAQ's
Below are some of the questions we are asked most often from our guild members. If you have a question, please contact us.
Q. I'm the newsletter editor for our guild, and I'd like permission to share some of the great projects & tips on your website.
A. We do encourage guilds to use our projects and information in their newsletters as long as the information is credited as:

"Project (or Article) courtesy of Marcus Fabrics. Visit for more great projects, fabrics and inspiration!"

Please note that project instructions must include the designer's name, and articles or tips must include the author's name. Thanks for adhering to our simple guidelines - we appreciate your interest in
Q. Unfortunately, we missed out on your latest Fabric Giveaway, and we have a community service project coming up soon. Is there anyway to still receive a fabric donation at that time?
A. Yes, you can make a request at any time and if fabrics are available, we will do our best to accommodate your guild at that time. We require a US street address for shipping, and a $15 fee per box, to help cover shipping & handling costs. The fee can be paid via MC, Visa, Discover, or a check. Email or call 212-519-0211. Please note that since these are random fabric samples offered for free, we're unable to honor requests for specific prints, colors, etc., but all fabric is first-quality and we're sure you'll be pleased with the selection.
Q. Our guild wants to use Marcus fabrics to make quilts & crafts to sell at our upcoming show, but a few of the members thought there would be a copyright issue. Is it OK to use your fabrics to make items that will then be sold?
A. Thanks for checking on this often confusing issue. Yes, our fabrics may be purchased and sewn into finished items to be sold, such as quilts, pillows, garments, photo albums, gift items and more. The fabrics can also be embellished with any desired trims, etc to your liking. We would welcome a mention on your hangtags as the source of the fabric, however, this is not required by law.

Now, while the fabric itself is not copyrighted, it is the actual DESIGN printed on the fabric that IS copyrighted, and it may not be duplicated. For instance, you may use a Marcus Fabrics floral fabric print to create a quilt, but you MAY NOT then scan the floral design itself and embroider it onto a matching pillow case. We hope this clarifies any confusion on the copyright issue. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us.