Stitch Up Our BRIGHT WOOLS -- Perfect for Every Season!

The newest additions to our WOOL COLLECTION are bright and beautiful! Look for these, and the entire 44-color collection, at your local quilt shops, on the bolt and in convenient, collectible 1-yard cuts

Like the original deeper colors in our woven 100% wool collection, these vivid tones are dyed from greige goods, and as a result, they may contain a small amount of the natural slubs inherent in pure wool fabrics. No matter how you choose to use these, from quilts to appliqué to crafts or fashion, these natural slubs will not affect the look or feel of your project.

And speaking of WOOLS, in case you missed it:

Make Catherine Redford's Bright wool needle case

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Wool inspiration is all around, including these patterns by PastThyme Patterns. Darci & Lacey (a mother-daughter creative team) showed off some of their favorite wool appliqué projects at Quilt Market, wall hanging and home accessory patterns. Notice how they combine the wools with prints and PRIMO PLAIDS!