What's Treenware, and How Did It Inspire Pam Buda?

Marcus Fabrics is pleased to introduce a beautiful new collection by Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts! TREENWARE & BERRIES is inspired by Pam's personal collection of early American Treenware. The term refers to any household item that was made, carved, or whittled from wood... in essence from a "tree" Think... household items made from a tree.

Pam explains further that "Early American Treenware is plentiful and easily found in antique shops. Some items are very affordable, others are much more expensive. Most common are cutting boards, plain and fancy, spoons, ladles, paddles, butter presses, bowls, plates, dough bowls, rolling pins, highly sought after noodle boards, graters, and innumerable kitchen utensils."

So, now that you know what Treenware is... How did wooden pieces inspire a fabric collection? Pam says, "Well... I love using terms from the nineteenth century, and this collection of lovely, warm wood-browns, a few reds, and luscious creams came together as Treenware and Berries!

For details on Pam's accompanying "Treenware & Berries" quilt pattern, visit Heartspun Quilts.