What's a PickleDish Quilt?

The PickleDish (or Pickledish) is a traditional quilt design from the 1930s, closely related to the Double Wedding Ring design, with blocks that are arranged to create an intricate interlocking circular design. The style is named for the equally popular glass dishes of the era, used to serve relishes & other condiments.

The curved arc of the PickleDish block is comprised of triangular pieces instead of the traditional rectangles, giving each arc a jagged look. The block is finished off the same way as a traditional Wedding Ring quilt, with the central four-pointed star section and the football-shaped pieces connecting the arcs together.

Judie Rothermel's GRACE IN A PICKLE collections offers quilters a simple way to achieve the intricately pieced effect, with the 60" wide pre-printed PickleDish print. For a bed-sized quilt, just join two widths together, then add your favorite coordinating prints to border the "cheater" fabric. Quilt along the lines and it's complete!