What is Furoshiki?

What is Furoshiki? With all of the emphasis on minimizing use of plastic bags and other environmentally friendly practices, and with Mother's Day coming up in the US next month, we wanted to introduce you to one of the prettiest & most creative ways to wrap gifts - furoshiki.  This versatile ancient Japanese practice of using tied cloths to wrap and transport items allows you to wrap almost anything, regardless of its shape or size.

We thought quilters around the world could easily adapt to the concept of furoshiki on many levels:  (1) you can show off your favorite Marcus prints even before you've committed them to that perfect quilt design (2) the cloths are reusable, reducing the impact on our environment; (3) they're perfect for gift wrapping, grocery shopping (and fabric shopping!), even basic home décor.  Try these ideas as a starting point:

For a double-sided furoshiki that's perfect for carrying heavier items, sew two coordinating fabric squares with right sides together, and turn right side out, sew the opening closed and press.