Sew Many Trends for 2015...

This year we've enjoyed a wealth of trends and directions for quilting, sewing and crafting! So we'd like to bring 2014 to a close with a look back at some of our favorite inspirations that are sure to influence our creative projects in the coming year:

Slow Quilting and Aussie Style -- Our collective need to slow down gave rise to a movement of slow stitching, taking the time to really enjoy a technique and the process of creating. We realized that many of the Slow Stitching goals mirror those of Australian quilt style. What are the key elements that set Australian quilt design apart from the rest? Read more about the Quilted Crow Girls and Karen Styles to find out.
Wool with Cotton -- Quilters continue to discover how much wool appliqué can add to a cotton quilt, and how easy it is to achieve the look. Follow these expert tips from The Quilted Crow Girls.

Fussy Cutting -- Closely aligned to the Slow Stitch trend are all forms of fussy-cut piecing, from classic English paper piecing to Lucy Boston projects with an intricate, kaleidoscopic effect. These techniques allow you to appreciate and highlight the smallest details of a print design in a new way. Read more

Repro Prints Redefined -- Reproduction prints are enjoying renewed interest among newer quilters, while traditional repro fans are beginning to use these distinctive prints in new ways far beyond the Civil War quilt. Read more
Serial Quilting -- There's a certain appeal to completing a quilt in small, manageable increments. Whether it's a Block-of-the-Month (BOM), row-of-the-month, block-of-the-week, or even an online Sew-Along, serial quilting fits perfectly into a busy quilter's lifestyle, combining quilting with a sense of community. Need more reasons? Check out our Top Ten!