Top 10 Creative Uses for Muslin Shoppe Double Face Quilt Fabrics!

Versatile pre-quilted fabric is popular for so many projects, and in our classic muslin tones, the possibilities are even greater! Try any of these ideas using the double-faced quilt fabric as it is, or as a great base cloth for your favorite creative embellishments, from simple to elaborate... Use your favorite techniques, including applique, beading, needlework, machine embroidery and paints

  1. Personal accessories - Eyeglass cases, cell phone holder
  2. Kitchen Accessories - Toaster cozy, potholder, placemats
  3. Unconstructed jackets or vest
  4. Tote bags and/or lining - adds structure & shape to another fabric when used as the lining
  5. Decorative throw pillows
  6. Drawstring wine bottle sack
  7. Heavy-duty workshop or garden apron
  8. Knapsack
  9. Soft-sculpture children's book
  10. Window valance