Introducing TANNER CROSSING by Paula Barnes

The indigo blues, blacks, reds, madder browns, tans, cheddars and golds of Paula Barnes' TANNER CROSSING collection are colors typically found in fabrics of the 1860s through 1900.

The "Tanner Legacy" pattern (quilt detail shown at right) by Red Crinoline Quilts was designed with a nod to James Tanner, a Civil War soldier best known for his service during and after the war. Beautifully framed by the coordinating border stripe, these prints give the timeless look of an antique quilt.

Tanner was shot during the Second Battle of Bull Run and as a result, lost both of his legs. He became a stenographer and was present at the theatre on the night of Abraham Lincoln's assassination, where Tanner was asked to record the events of the night.

He worked in Washington DC as a stenographer and clerk before returning to New York, where he became a lawyer. Tanner was involved with the American Red Cross and worked most of the remainder of his life as an advocate for veterans' rights.

To honor his work and sacrifice, the "Old Amphitheater" at Arlington Cemetery (which was originally unveiled on May 29, 1873) was renamed the "James R. Tanner Amphitheater" on Memorial Day, May 30, 2014.

You can recreate Paula's gorgeous quilt design, too! The pattern is available for purchase through your local quilt shop, or contact Red Crinoline Quilts online.