Product Update: STRIP-IT Fabrics

Product Update:  STRIP-IT Fabrics

Some of our quilting friends have brought to light an interesting observation about our new STRIP-IT fabrics.  It seems that in a portion of our production, the actual print motifs measure just less than the stated 2-1/2" width.  We apologize for the difficulties you've experienced, and have examined the fabric carefully.  Please be assured that in the design process, the strips were carefully measured and re-measured, yet the fabric printing process always results in slight variances from print run to print run.  While these adjustments occur with all printed fabrics, of course they become noticeable with a specialized fabric design such as this one.

While the print sections measure 2-3/8" wide rather than 2-1/2" wide, note that each section across the width of the fabric is consistent, so it can still be used creatively as a striped "piano key" style border or used as a whole "cheater" quilt fabric.  Some of the yardage did print correctly at the 2-1/2" width.

As we continually strive to provide fresh, innovative fabric designs for quilters worldwide, we also continue to learn something new from those innovations.  We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. We thank those customers for bringing the issue to our attention, and appreciate your continued interest in our fine quality fabrics.