Taking a Closer Look at Shot Cloth

Shot Cotton

You've probably seen shot cloth (a.k.a. "shot cotton") for years, but never knew it had an actual name! Shot cloth is a yarn dyed woven fabric, created in its most basic form with one color in the warp, or lengthwise grain and another color in the weft, or crosswise grain. Some variations include a blend of two colors in the warp, with a single color in the weft, or stripes created with a single weft shot across varying warp colors. This combination of yarns gives the fabric an iridescent look, showing off subtle color changes as light hits the fabric.

In the tradition of this popular fabric, SHOT-CEE by Marcus is lightweight, with a luxurious hand and excellent drape. We've also treated the individual yarns with our Marcuset™ finish, which gives the cloth added benefits including enhanced washability with very little residual shrinkage and greater color intensity. So SHOT-CEE is ready for your project right off the bolt, no pre-treating is required!

In quilting, experiment freely with SHOT-CEE, trying it where you would use a subtle texture print. Consider it for binding, sashing, background, raw-edge appliqué, and more. While this fabric ravels more than the cotton prints and batiks most quilters are accustomed to working with, this becomes one of its greatest advantages, and a design bonus: gentle raveling of the cut edges reveals two different color fringes, an interesting DIY decorative element -- fringe it as desired for ragged edge techniques.

Its drapability and luminous quality make shot cloth a favorite choice for sheer curtains, bed skirts, throw pillows and swags. And did we mention that it sews up into the most gorgeous casual shirts? Give it a shot in your creative projects... it's sure to become a new favorite.