Rev Up Your Next Quilt Project!

Sarah J. Maxwell of Designs by Sarah J presents REVVED UP RETRO, mixable motifs with a retro feel, in a vivid, but not-too-bright palette that would feel equally at home in vintage and contemporary settings alike. She "revs up" the nostalgic appeal with individual names and amusing narratives for each print design. Enjoy!

MIMI'S MUUMUU (2261) - All the other mothers at the swim party wore their too-small two-pieces and held in their guts and remained silently envious of what they knew was hiding under Mimi's muumuu.

SOFA SO GOOD (2262) - It was the slam of the new screen door, the inevitable smell of peppermints and mothballs, and the sun slanting through the wooden Venetian blinds onto Grandma's sofa that reminded me of the summers spent near the ocean.

MAR-TEENY BUBBLES (2264) - She was a church-going, charity-supporting, glove-wearing proper lady. The dirtiest thing about her was her martini and the way she would hold it up to the light to watch the bubbles float to the top.

MOD MEN (2265) - I would see them everyday as I walked to school and then to work. They smelled of hair balm and leather and their ties were made of the kind of fabric used to make dresses for go-go dancers.

PSYCHEDELIC RELIC (2267) - The glamorous life had been her dream and her nightmare; she was no more youthful and doe-eyed, and the girls who wore the dresses she desired would never know the type of wisdom it took to become her.

PATIO PARTY LIGHTS (2268) - We got there as dusk fell, ran through the house shedding our clothing and burst through the door onto the dimly lit patio. We sprang up into the air before crashing down into the turquoise glass that was the surface of the pool.

YOU'RE SUCH A SQUARE (2269) - My mother told me it was better for me this way; I was too curvy and tall to be out with the high school kids and so they dubbed me a square.

PORCH CARPET (2271) - I was confused by it and never quite sure of its purpose but I found it in all the places I loved: the pool, my grandmother's house, the pier restaurant. All featured the fake grass porch carpet that was always hotter than whatever it was trying to protect.

WHITER SHADE OF SWIRL (2272) - My uncle brought me the record back from a trip to New York. I played it over and over until I could sing every word, until I scratched it so much it wouldn't play, until the uneven swirl of the black vinyl hypnotized me and I understood exactly what the singer meant by a Whiter Shade of Pale.