Paula Barnes Discusses Her Love for Historical Stripes

Paula Barnes Discusses Her Love for Historical Stripes

Paula Barnes loves reproduction stripes! "I am a collector of antique quilts and textiles -- sometimes I buy nice quilts, and sometimes I buy not-so-nice quilts. I have always been intrigued with the use of stripes in these treasures. They add visual interest to the blocks, borders and sashing."

She continues, "Personally I love them, but it baffles me when teaching classes to hear someone comment that they are afraid of them. Why? Our great-great ancestors weren't. They used them all the time because they had to. Bits of shirts and dresses that had seen better days were reused to live again in a beautiful quilt. They didn't care if the stripes were straight or that all the stripes in a block were going the same way. I've even seen some quilts that used the seam of an old shirt right down the middle of the block they were piecing. What freedom!!!

My new HISTORICAL STRIPES collection is all stripes, some bold and some very subtle. The line is designed to compliment your stash of 1800's reproduction prints, but as you will see, the challenge of making a quilt of all stripes was so much fun. In Richmond Virginia, there is a monument made to look like the Egyptian Pyramids. This monument was the inspiration for our "Richmond" quilt. We think that it is a perfect use of the Historical Stripes line.

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