The Story Behind Pam Buda's PRAIRIE STITCHES

Pam Buda's passion for both 1800s American prairie life and for quilting is more evident with each collection, so for her new PRAIRIE STITCHES group, we asked Pam about her latest inspirations...

"Ada Blaney sitting in the prairie at her sewing machine is for me the epitome of a Prairie woman. She was the inspiration for naming the line PRARIE STITCHES.

Like so many others in this era (c 1850), Ada was very, very proud to own a treadle sewing machine and wanted to be photographed with it. Solomon Butcher, a famous photographer from this era, was known for roaming the prairie to photograph families on their homesteads, often including their livestock, buggies, Conestoga wagons, and treadle sewing machines in the family photos as they were proud, and "showing off", if you will, the fact that they owned these items."

Pam started the collection with a simple Prairie floral design -- nothing too fancy, as these were simple folks! She adds a bunch of sweet coordinate prints, and a beautiful, stunning stripe as stripes were commonly often used in dresses and items for the home. The color palette of reds, blues, deep golds and browns....warm, country colors of this bygone era.

Ada Blaney at her treadle machine c. 1850
Photo: Solomon Butcher, Courtesy Nebraska Historical Society