Introducing: Posies Puzzles BOM by Sarah J Maxwell

Sarah J. Maxwell

Flowers of all shapes and colors always seem to have magical powers to lift one's spirits... With its mix of bright, vibrant blooms and subtly shaded petals, the PRETTIFUL POSIES collection celebrates the delight of exploring a neighborhood garden on a summer day.

"When my daughters were growing up, we encouraged them to use their imaginations at every opportunity. This soon extended to word play and they delighted in creating their own vocabulary by blending common words. "Prettiful" was their word of choice for anything they found appealing, and it perfectly captures my whimsical flowers."

With "Posies Puzzles" it's always fun and interesting to see how the exact same pieces, can produce blocks that appear totally different. Makers cut out the same block component twice and then arrange them in different ways to create two blocks. Once the entire quilt is assembled, the puzzle becomes finding the pairs of blocks that are actually the same.

12-Month program begins January 2019
80 x 98"

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