Pam Buda's PIN MONEY and Much More

The PIN MONEY collection by Pam Buda takes its name from a phrase coined in the late 1700s by First Lady Abigail Adams, wife of President John Adams. As the story goes, while President Adams was making his numerous trips to Europe on state business, Abigail asked him to purchase large quantities of needles and pins for her. She would then sell them to her friends and neighbors for a little extra spending money... her "pin money" as she called it. The phrase took off, so much so, that even many years later, in 1926, when Sherman Edwards wrote the musical 1776, he included the reference to 'pin money" in the song lyrics!

As Pam explains, "From time to time, I still see the phrase in articles here and there, and I think about Abigail, and her industrious way of making a little spending money for herself. Thephrase always stuck with me, and I thought it a good fit for this collection."

To create the true Prairie look and to add textural interest, pair these prints with coordinating PRAIRIE WOVENS, PRAIRIE DOBBIES and PRAIRIE CHAMBRAY. These homespuns and novelty weaves were designed to play well together, resulting in quilts that are rich in color and texture. Like the prints, the Wovens and Dobbies feature Pam's eight favorite colors -- red, blue, green, black, brown, gold, purple, and dusty pink, "...the colors of my wheelhouse, if you will. I use these colors in my home, in the fabrics I choose and design, and in the quilts I make. They are Olde, vintage colors that have been around for hundreds of years, and these coordinates will work equally well mixed with prints, on their own, or with others in your stash.

When I look to my Nineteenth Century antique quilts for inspiration, it's amazing how often I see woven and dobby fabrics included. These fabrics bring wonderful, rich color and texture to quilts.Because Prairie women "made-do", I imagine as they pieced their scraps into patchwork, those plaids and dobby prints made their way into the quilts from men's shirts, curtains, or other household goods they created. Homespun wovens and dobby fabrics lend warmth, and a vintage Prairie charm to whatever you create with them. I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to design these very special collections for Marcus Fabrics."