About Our Museum Collections...

Marcus Fabrics is proud to be affiliated with Old Sturbridge Village through the development of special fabric collections inspired by their permanent collections. This museum is an esteemed institution, entrusted with the safe-keeping of rich, centuries-old traditions in quilting in particular, and history in general. Marcus' commitment also includes direct financial support, allowing the museum to further their mission through conservation, public education programs and more.

As we began to work with Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts to develop specialized fabric collections, Marcus Fabrics embraced the opportunity to access their permanent collections of quilts as well as textiles, resulting in such collections as The Old Sturbridge Village Collections I, II, and III. Judie Rothermel, known for her historically accurate reproduction fabrics, presents these collections based on the museumís vast offerings, while curator Aimee Newell brings us New England Quilts from the Old Sturbridge Village.

We are especially pleased that you, our quilting friends, share our enthusiasm for these new collections, and we look forward to sharing a continued celebration of the history of quiltmaking.