As themes of environmental responsibility and "eco-friendly" products have become familiar to today's consumer, this new direction in consumerism has already taken hold in the quiltingworld. Marcus is pleased to re-introduce its OASIS CANVAS, its classic linen-weave décor weight fabric made of certified 100% organic cotton, with style as well as the environment in mind. Along withsome of the favorite original colors, we've added seven new fashion shades to the mix, all created with eco-friendly dyes.

Understanding "Eco-Friendly" Fabrics

Eco-friendly dyeing is a multi-faceted endeavor. Generally, it ensures that the dyestuff is free of toxins; dyeing methods use minimal amounts of energy and resources; workers are provided withsafe work areas and fair wages; and the process waste is disposed of in a safe manner.

Organic cotton is cultivated in fields free of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. To earn the designation of "Certified Organic," the cotton plants must have been grown in a field thathas been pesticide-and chemical free for three previous years. The extra handling required to cultivate earth-friendly cotton makes it slightly more expensive, it is the preferred choice for those whoare concerned about the environment, as well as consumers who suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivities.