Get Ready for National Sewing Month in September!!

Sewing and quilting continue to enjoy an exciting resurgence, fueled by a combination of factors, from saving money to expressing one's creativity. In the end, all sewing enthusiasts sew just for the love of it, so it's likely that this year's celebration of National Sewing Month in September will be bigger and better than ever! "Sew for the Love of It" is this year's theme for the month-long sew-fest, sponsored by the Sewing & Craft Alliance and the American Sewing Guild.

Entries for this year's sewing contest are due between August 10 and September 30, 2011. In keeping with this year's theme, all entries must incorporate a "heart" motif. Categories include fashion, quilts, crafts and home décor, so get started now, and show your love for sewing!