The MODERN Quilt Movement

No doubt you've been hearing more and more buzz about the "modern" quilt movement, and new fabrics, patterns, books, guilds, blogs and magazines dedicated to the genre seem to be popping up daily. There's even QuiltCon, a convention planned for 2013, just for modern quilt enthusiasts!

It's been described as the natural evolution in quilting, and according The Modern Quilt Guild an international organization, modern quilting is a reflection of one's own style and personality. Even as some say it has its roots in rebellion ("break-the-rules" quilting), a set of principles that define and guide the movement, is beginning to shape the concept of the modern quilt. In general, modern quilts would share some of these characteristics, to name just a few:

Even with these seemingly new approaches to quilting, it's easy to see how the modern movement gathers inspiration from the past. The artistic, free-style piecing of the Gee's Bend style of African American quilting, and solid color combinations of Amish quilt traditions are clearly influencing the movement.

With the introduction of our re-vamped CENTENNIAL SOLIDS palette and Nancy Rink's striking Amish with a Twist BOM project that accompanies it, Marcus brings something fresh to the modern quilter. In addition, its new Studio 37 brand offers unique looks to modernists, combining larger-scale designs with complementary textures like Marcus Mixers.

We know that the modern style is bringing in new quilt enthusiasts daily, and although the creative goal is freedom of expressions, it can be a daunting task for newbies to select coordinating fabrics with confidence. Studio 37 collections strike the balance between the traditional coordination of a fabric line, and the ability to mix and match for a unique look, between creativity and user-friendliness. Look forward to fabrics that bridge the gap, allowing every quilter a chance to reflect her or his own style, whatever it might be...