Carol Hopkins' New "It's Not A Square" Club features AMERICAN SWATCH BOOK

What began as a year-long block exchange between Carol Hopkins and her quilting friends has developed into a beautiful and unique 12-Month Club called "It's Not a Square." As Carol explains it:

"The unique feature of these blocks was that they weren't square - they finished at 4" x 5". We recreated some classic blocks and also designed more than 50 original blocks that no one has ever seen before. We ended up with 182 different blocks. I showed the blocks to the editors at Martingale and they agreed to publish a book containing instructions for making all of the blocks. It's called "The 4" x 5" Quilt Block Anthology: 182 Blocks for Reproduction Fabrics" by Carol Hopkins and Linda M. Koenig." (Martingale, March 2017)

Excited by the book concept, Carol and the Martingale staff contacted Marcus about the possibility of having Judie Rothermel create a collection of red, pink, blue, black, and light background or shirting fabrics to reflect the reproduction fabrics used in the book, since there was no single collection in the marketplace that captured this particular color palette. Marcus agreed, and through a collaborative effort, Judie and Carol reviewed approximately 70 antique fabrics from Judie's collection from the late 1800s. Carol selected 22 prints from the group, allowing quilters to capture the look of the blocks in the book. The collection was named AMERICAN SWATCH BOOK.

It's a rare occurrence in the quilt world to introduce a coordinated effort, where the book and the fabric are released at the same time -- It's Not a Square ensures quilters have the fabrics AND the inspiration at the same time, for maximum enjoyment, and maximum profits for the quilt shops. With 110 more blocks than the 72 used in the quilt, the book has added value for those who prefer to make a larger quilt, several different quilts or additional projects.
At the end of the Club, all 72 blocks are set together to make a sampler quilt of 4" x 5" blocks.

Quilt Size: 57" x 78"