Introducing The Midlands by Deirdre Bond-Abel

Deirdre Bond-Abel of Hat Creek Quilts returns to the Marcus design team with THE MIDLANDS, a wonderfully traditional group of florals and geometrics inspired by its namesake region in Tasmania. The prints were derived from an antique quilt that was made in England, then found its way to Houston, where Deirdre purchased it, bringing it home to The Midlands.

"I have chosen a selection of medium scale floral and geometrics as well as a small scale print for backgrounds. They are perfect for pieced and or appliquéd traditional style quilts. A soft palette of sage and jade greens, sepia browns, dusty pinks, and smoky purples combine beautifully. The colours are subtle but warm, like the low afternoon winter sun streaming through a window creating a lovely blended glow," says Deirdre.

Her quilt design for the collection is "Kempton", named for a small village in The Midlands that was settled in the 1830s to 1860s -- the same time period as the original prints.

"Colonial homes of the same era as the fabrics, were my inspiration. Whether they were grand or simple workers cottages they had beautiful symmetry, lovely angled lines and could form patterns as they fit in together with other buildings. My design features four different blocks that are repeated in different quantities and arranged to flow out from the centre, like a village does," Deirdre explained.

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