Introducing... SOULFUL SHADES OF PINK...

Beautiful Fabrics, and a 6-Month BOM!

Laura Berringer's expressive mix of dusty pinks with white and soft grey creates a fresher, more sophisticated palette for today's breast cancer awareness projects.

The Material Girlfriends reworked their existing quilt pattern, Bona Fide, around the collection, stressing specific meanings for each color. "We are complex emotional individuals, and as textile artists, we rely on color to express and process our involvement with breast cancer", says, Lora Zmak.

So why use pink to promote breast cancer awareness? In the psychology of color, Pink represents a gentle and caring love, such as a love for a girlfriend, mother, sister, or daughter. Grey represents sorrow, while White represents hope and healing.

"One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, which means we all know someone fighting this disease. Our purpose for designing Bona Fide using Soulful Shades by Laura Berringer is to help us be true to the emotional roller coaster of love, sorrow, hope, and healing. This project encourages us to feel and express through color and quilting," explained Material Girlfriends' Lisa Norton. With fabrics available in shops in May, you'll be able to complete the 6-month project in time for breast cancer awareness activities in October.

A portion of all sales of Soulful Shades of Pink fabrics will be donated to support breast cancer research.