Introducing PARTY OF TWELVE -- Beginning March 2013

Marcus is pleased to present PARTY OF TWELVE, an innovative program designed to inspire and educate quilters in the use of reproduction fabrics.

The program guides quilters to create the quilt with an educational approach, combining practical quilting techniques with lessons in traditional reproduction colors. The collection features 36prints by Judie Rothermel, each one becoming a learning experience in itself through a printed guide that explains the historical significance of the richer colors used in the 1800s -- Reproduction isn't just about brown!

The quilt design by Homestead Hearth conveys the beauty of the period. With detailed Baltimore Backgrounds as the focal point, it proves that prints with color and detail can work as backgrounds.Madder reds, indigoes, chrome yellows, poison greens and purples are used prominently, and brown is used only as an accent. The end result is a vibrant, lively quilt that adds warmth to any home.