Take a Fresh Look at Reproduction Prints

for Today's Quilting, Crafts, Home & Fashion

We know so many of you favor Repros for their intended use in recreating Civil War and other historical projects. Even beyond this, keep in mind that Reproduction fabrics, or "Repros," offer a gorgeous range of colors and well-scaled motifs that lend themselves to a wide range of creative projects!

Doll Clothing, Accessories, Quilts & Dollhouse Furnishings Fashion Accessories
Children's Dresses Modern Quilting Baby Quilts/ Nursery Decor
Historical Costuming Vintage Aprons Woven Rugs Kitchen Accessories

Think Color first, from the softer shades of 1930's prints to the deep brick reds, dark, earthy browns and dusty plums of earlier periods. And you'll love the traditional color names, too, like Cheddar yellows, Double Pinks, Poison greens and blues of every description -- it's a palette sure to please any fabric lover, from traditional to contemporary tastes, and all things in between!

You will also find that Repro prints blend beautifully with so many of your favorite fabrics, in exciting, non-traditional ways. Mix them with denim, chambray, solid wools, linen, jute, corduroy, yarn-dyed plaids, & checks, and non-Repro cotton prints, Blend them with satiny fabrics and velvets for Vintage-style clothing and decorative accents.

If you haven't looked at this versatile category lately, now is the time! Try them in these new ways, and you'll understand why these beautiful, intricate designs have stood the test of time...