Civil War Melodies -- Fourth in a Series -- Program begins January 2013!

New! Continuing its innovative Civil War BOM series, Marcus now introduces CIVIL WAR MELODIES, centered on Judie Rothermel's latest historiccollection of the same name. Like the three previousCivil War programs, "Melodies" takes unique inspiration from one particular aspect of the five-year period -- this time, the history ofthe struggle is recounted through its songs.

Civil War Melodies commemorates the wealth of songs written during the war. Some were used by soldiers tomarch into battle. Others rallied support at home as the war continued. Still other songs keptalive the memory of love interrupted by the call of duty. Writers captured the emotions of the time withtheir clever lyrics, from the first hints of secession through the nation's efforts to recoverfrom the war.

It's often said that the best way to understand any period of history is through its music, and the Civil War years are no exception. From songs still sung today, like The Battle Hymn of theRepublicor The Yellow Rose of Texas, to lesser-known songs like Lorena, it's the melodies that keep the significance of the era alive.

Each month, quilters will learn about at least one specific song that reflects a different period or event of the Civil War. Homestead Hearth carefully selected songs that reflect music of boththeNorth & the South for a balanced perspective. Their gorgeous quilt design features 8" blocks, with a finished quilt size of 90" square. In addition, the musical noteconversationalshirting print is a special treasure for those working on the Melodies quilt.