Quick-to-Make: Embellished LOVE AND INSPIRATION Hankies!

The beautiful handkerchief panel from Faye Burgos' LOVE & INSPIRATION gives you lots of creative opportunities!  In the office, these samples brought back fond memories of pretty hankies for several of the Marcus employees of "a certain age", demonstrating the beautiful heirloom quality of these printed designs.  Here, we present two easy creative options:

Lace hankie:  Cut a single handkerchief from the panel.  With the right side up, turn over 1/4" around all edges; press.  This method, by Lisa Shepard Stewart, gives the back of the hankie a clean finish.  Layer lace trim so that it overlaps the 1/4" hem.  Stitch around the edge of the lace by hand or machine.  For more textural interest, try running a gathering stitch through the edge of the lace and draw the thread up slightly to create a ruffled edge.  Or layer two lace trims of different widths. Then stitch to the edge of the hankie.  Trim all six hankies and wrap them beautifully as a special "anytime" gift.

Embroidered hankie:  For this one, we enlisted the expertise of June Mellinger, Director of Education and Training for Brother International.   She used Memory Card #SA322 and Brother embroidery thread on the Brother Innovis NV4000D sewing and embroidery machine.  For more information on the Brother line of sewing and embroidery machines, visit them online.