Davenport Gardens -- Inspired by 1800's Manor Homes

Davenport Gardens, Inspired by 1800's Manor Homes

Rich hues of black, golden brown and purple are brought together beautifully in DAVENPORT GARDENS, a new collection by Paula Barnes that is sure to create a stunning quilt. Typical of wallpaper patterns from the period's, these prints would be right at home in an 1800's manor setting. TRIVIA: Did you know that wallpaper was originally produced as a less costly alternative to mimic the more expensive tapestries that were hung to prevent drafts and keep the home warm? The wallpaper was not hung directly on the wall, but pasted to fabric that was then hung on the wall. Most of the wallpapers were imported from London and France.

So, it seems that by making a quilt of fabrics inspired by wallpaper that was made to mimic tapestry, and then hanging that quilt on the wall, you've pretty much come full circle! Then remember to throw in some lushly trimmed accent pillows and other room accents.

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