Dandy Days

Fabric and BOM Program by Sarah J Maxwell of Designs by Sarah J

Dandy Days

"A lazy summer day... the possibilities are endless. Make a wish on a dandelion, fly a kite and watch the tail dance in the wind and dream in color.

While some people view dandelions as a nuisance, I've always loved them. From the bright pop of yellow they add to a yard, to the delicate spores floating on the wind, dandelions are a symbol of joy and possibility to me.

Dandy Days also marks the debut of my first text print. In the daily crush of worry and responsibility, these phrases ground me and keep me focused on moving forward.

I hope you find your own Dandy Day." - Sarah

With a mix of low-volume prints and three Centennial Solids, Sarah creates a sampler-style BOM quilt with two cool and relaxing background options. Program begins January 2017.