Recreate this Judie Rothermel Favorite with Judie's Album Quilt

Judie Rothermel's latest collection is simply named JUDIE'S ALBUM QUILT, a mix of teals, reds and golds, anchored with earth tones from brown to cream prints, along with Marcus' AGED MUSLIN.

True Judie Rothermel fans will likely recognize her "Civil War Bar Quilt" design from the cover of her book, Reproduction Quilts from the Civil War Period 1850-1865. Judie's visually pleasing arrangement features horizontal rows, or "bars" made up of 6- and 8-inch blocks. Quilters who have admired this design for years can now recreate it with today's construction techniques!

Judie created the original quilt in 1990, and hand-picked the positions of each fabric print for the updated BOM version as well, including the use of a more patterned print for the background.


Judie's Album Quilt Block/Row Of the Month Program

This BOM design (shown) includes three slightly revised blocks to better accommodate today's rotary cutting and machine piecing techniques. Judie Rothermel fans will love the combination of her original scrappy look with simplified construction.