The FOUNDATIONS of Creativity

Our BASICS category continues to grow with new fabrications, colors and or course, end uses! Take a look at what's new and how they're being used:

Unlock the Full Creative Potential of SHIRTINGS!

The Shirtings fabric category is enjoying a wide resurgence in a variety of quilting styles. Originally inspired by actual shirting prints used in utilitarian quilts of past eras (and garments before they were quilts!), these small, light-- and neutral ground calico prints could now be considered part of the "low-volume" category of prints embraced by more contemporary quilters and crafters.

The subtle patterning of Shirtings adds interest and sometimes a hint of color, without taking away from featured design elements like:

View our current collections of Shirtings and Low-Volume prints:

by Pam Buda
by Laura Berringer
by Laura Berringer

You'll Love New BASECLOTH, on Its Own or Embellished

- This 100% cotton perfect weight to support wool and cotton print appliqué alike, and various hand embroidery stitches. Its versatile plain weave is a perfect base for quilt blocks, toys and soft sculpture, pillows, table settings and more. Indygo Junction loves the cloth for its artful, contemporary tops and tunics, and while they show these pieces unadorned, imagine them as the start of a richly embroidered or appliquéd garment. It drapes well for loose, unstructured pieces, or it can easily be sculpted with interfacings for a more tailored jacket. And while we love it for these modern looks, its medium weight and subtly "pebbled" texture makes it an equally perfect choice for traditional reenactment costuming (for both men and women), making it a truly timeless cloth.

Wool - It's Right for Any Season!

Remember when we thought of wool as a "fall fabric"? Those days are long gone, as quilters, crafters and fiber artists of every style preference look to wool appliqué for self-expressions. The Marcus WOOL COLLECTION boasts an impressive, season-spanning palette that includes brights, primitive/darks, midtones and softer shades, like those used in this adorable bunny appliqué pillow by Miriam Rawson.


TEN YEARS... and still going strong!

In fact, ever since we introduced this novelty "not-so-solid" in 2007-08, it just gets better with time --

What separates our Aged Muslin from the look-alikes is a special dyeing technique that creates a faded, distressed, look. The result is an inherent overall shading that gives the cloth gives its rich, suede-like appearance. These qualities make our AGED MUSLINS an interesting complement for prints in pieced quilts, where a true solid would read too "flat", and a texture print isn't quite right either.
  • The 100% cotton range began with a few neutrals in paper-bag tones
  • Then it expanded to include blues and greys -- Pair these with the season's best denims & chambrays.
  • Next came the dusty midtones
  • And in 2017, we added eight saturated fashion colors to the line.

Perfect for Trendy and Traditional Quilts, Home Décor, Fashion...
  • They'll give an authentic, aged look when paired with reproductions, or a casual effect when blended with contemporary prints.
  • AGED MUSLINS's weave is slightly tighter than standard quilting fabrics, making it an excellent background fabric for appliqué, embroidery and other forms of handwork.
  • The collection also plays well on its own, as you can see in "Stargazing", shown right our new Aged Muslin BOM program by Krisanne Watkins of Quail Valley Quilts. (Begins September 2018, 92" x 92")