Introducing... the Aunt Grace's Apron / Blue Ribbon Panel BOM by Cindy Staub

Aunt Grace's Apron / Blue Ribbon Panel BOM

Cindy Staub brings her own special Quilt Doodle style to the Aunt Grace Blue Ribbon BOM, pairing her own pre-printed panel of sketched motif blocks with Judie Rothermel's new AUNT GRACE APRON collection.

Quilters can embellish with their own embroidery stitches, guided by the full-color printed designs, or leave them as they are.

Cindy is shown here with her Grandma Lydia.Cindy's Inspiration...
"I love the Aunt Grace line because it reminds me of my Grandma Lydia. She always wore a house dresses, and my favorite one was a light blue floral. My inspiration for this project came from time spent on my grandparents' farm, where I spent every summer. When my mom was a child my grandparents raised cattle, chickens and sheep. When I was little they no longer raised livestock but farmed wheat and barley. There was always the family dog and a new batch of kittens to greet us when we would visit.

My grandma had a green thumb and could grow anything. Her flower garden was always beautiful. She used to can the vegetables from her garden, to prepare for the long North Dakota winters. On the farm there was a lilac bush and when it was in full bloom, the scent was so heavenly."