A Commemorative Civil War Project by Homestead Hearth and Kansas City Star Quilts,
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When Dolores Smith and Sarah Maxwell of Homestead Hearth discovered an antique sampler quilt that was completed in 1875, they wondered whether the quiltmaker had personally experienced the events that triggered the American Civil War, or the war itself.

Conflict over slavery is generally presumed to be the cause of the American Civil War which officially began in 1861. However, many other issues across the nation combined to fuel the tensions that ultimately led to the war between the northern & southern states. In 2011 we commemorate the 150th anniversary of the start of the war. With this in mind, the design duo believed that a quilt project and accompanying book highlighting these fateful events leading to the Civil War would be very timely.

The book, A Path to the Civil War: Aurelia's Journey Quilt, is a joint venture of the quilt designers at Homestead Hearth and publisher Kansas City Star Quilts. It examines the causes of the war through this antique quilt, and includes the patterns for the blocks.

Combining old favorites with unique, more complex blocks, the quilter maker obviously devoted many hours to making this quilt. Dolores & Sarah decided to recreate this historical treasure, adapting the quilt blocks for more modern techniques including rotary cutting or foundation piecing. To retain the historical integrity of the original design, they perused a variety of Marcus Fabrics reproduction collections to uncover the fabrics most reminiscent of the colors & patterns in the original quilt, including the fabulous new cheddar print used in the sashing. Thus, Aurelia's Journey is comprised of fabrics from leading Marcus reproduction collections.

Fabrics are available at once and will be offered for an extended period, and the book is scheduled for release in early Fall 2010. This allows shop owners to use the book as a guide in creating their own BOM, classes, or quilt club activities leading into 2011.

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