Sarah J Maxwell Communicates with a SHOUT, a whisper, a text

"Conversation is a daily part of our lives. Whether we're pushing buttons on our smart phone or "talking" online, every day is filled with communication.

Finding ways for my quilts to talk has been a recent focus.

Recently, I made two quilts with direct messages. My Message in the Dark quilt contained a message in Morse code directed to my daughter who had recently moved hundreds of miles from home. Discovering that I could combine a minimalist quilt style with an actual message was exciting so I started thinking about how that could translate to fabric design.

The Message quilt became the focus of my first print, "My Message". The dashes repeat the message "to the moon and back". Use it to send a hidden message of love to someone special.

I created my quilt Megan's Message for my other daughter who surprised us with a move to the West Coast. The XO design of this quilt contained a more direct message and became the inspiration for my "Love Letter" design.

"Take a Letter" features traditional shorthand symbols saying "love you, miss you". "In the Flow" showcases communication via symbols. "Text Time" incorporates popular abbreviations, today's version of shorthand.

The six low-volume background prints combine with 6 bright tonals for a compact, versatile line that also blends beautifully with a wide array of solids."

Whether you prefer to shout, whisper or text, you'll find just what you need to communicate with Sarah J's latest line.