All About Our 60" Wide Quilt Backs

...and Why You Need Them NOW!

We introduced our 60" Wide Quilt Backs several seasons ago as an alternative to the more common 108" backings. This innovation has a number of DISTINCT ADVANTAGES that we wanted to re-emphasize, especially since the most popular BOM quilt designs are bigger and better than ever!

The trend toward larger, bed-sized BOM quilts poses a challenge when offering 108" wide backings, where the 60" width allows you to easily back a quilt up to approximately 116" wide. Simply piece two lengths of backing with a single center seam.

To join two 60" widths, we recommend using a seam allowance of ˝" to 1", and pressing the seam open. You can also join using an overlapping seam, sewing down the length, close to both edges of the fabric.

  • And because the base cloth is the same, any minimal shrinkage rates are also consistent from front to back; this also creates a better quality quilt.
  • As a more narrow fabric, the 60" backings are less twisted on the bolts, meaning the fabric can be cut instead of torn, which increases your yield per bolt. If the goods are not laid square to the front side, the quilt will twist when quilted.
  • This generous width is also perfect for finishing quilts up to 56" wide with a single length! Also great for these home décor uses:

Twin 39" x 74"
Full 54" x 74"
Queen 60" x 80"
King 76" x 80"
Cal King 72" x 84