Our Designers

Karen Phillips-Shwallon

As trends in embroidery, appliqué, whitework and other handwork continue to flourish all around the world, we are pleased to introduce HEIRLOOM SPLENDOR, a specialty collection by award-winning needle artist, Karen Phillips-Shwallon. The group includes three 36" x 45" panel designs: two are full-yard designs, and the third is a four-block design easily adapted to pillows, runners and other smaller projects. Though they are designed for hand stitching techniques like embroidery, hand quilting and appliqué, machine stitchers will love them as well.

Karen is an accomplished needle arts instructor, author and designer, having dedicated over 30 years to the business of preserving and reviving beautiful stitching arts for future generations. "My designs and stitching have been featured in multiple magazines and books and many of my students are national award winners, as well. Quilting, embroidery, appliqué, dimensional appliqué, whitework with/out stuffed work, and crazy patch quilting are in my repertoire of designs and teaching skills." Karen has taught workshops sponsored by local guilds and groups, as well as those sanctioned by the Embroidery Guild of America and American Quilters Society, and has created more than 175 original designs in quilt, embroidery and appliqué over the years.

Karen envisioned this collection in response to so many students wanting to continue on their hand quilting journeys, and her realization that there hadn't been any new designs for many years.

The two full-sized panels invite creative touches like appliquéd borders, piecing or embroidery design, with a beautifully quilted border. Consider these for heirloom baby quilts, the work of loving hands to be passed down and treasured through the years . The four-block panel is just right for new quilters to begin their journey into hand or machine quilting to become pillows, runners and other small home accents. These blocks can also be cut apart and used between finished blocks to enlarge a quilt. "I wanted to produce a quilting design that could have multiple design uses. The only limit to the use of the Heirloom Splendor collection is the imagination of the stitcher," says Karen.