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Timeless Treasures
Marcus Fabrics

Thank you for your interest in Marcus Fabrics! Please note that as of April 2019, Marcus joined the Timeless Treasures family. If you already have an account with Timeless, you're all set to place orders with Marcus Fabrics as well. If not, we invite you to apply for an account by completing the simple process below.

ACCOUNT SETUP: If you have never done business with Timeless Treasures, you will be required to submit credit information and a copy of your business' tax ID or seller's permit. The minimum opening order is $750. After your opening order, there are no minimums. Your first three orders must be on a credit card; after that you may apply for credit. Please use the links below to download the required credit forms.

CONTACT INFO: We are continuing to do business as Marcus Fabrics. Same designers, same marketing team, same sales force. None of our emails or phone numbers have changed.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Please call Regina Storms or Gladys Cruz at 800-548-8295 with any questions or concerns, or EMAIL: