Available July 2020 PRIMO BATIKS
The Material Girlfriends have found strength and optimism in this year’s events, creating a beautiful, colorful, and inspiring BOM quilt called Trip Around the Sun.

Available July 2020 DANCE AT DUSK
Sarah Maxwell blends tones of sapphire, emerald, lapis and jade combine with soft greys for an on-trend palette perfect for today's home.

Available August 2020 PLUMBERRY
Purple... It's a trending color in all areas of the quilting world! Pam Buda's new group offers a beautiful range of purple shades and motifs.

Available July 2020 INDIGO & MADDER
Together, these deep blue and deep red prints by Paula Barnes offer quilters not only beautiful hues, but a rich and interesting history as well.

Available July 2020 JOURNEY TO AMERICA
Created in collaboration with OSV Museum, Judie Rothermel's new collection commemorates the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower voyage and the beginning of Plymouth colony.

Available July 2020 BYGONE BROWNS
Sheryl Johnson's reams, caramels, chocolates and blacks are strong and clean, in wonderful little geometrics and motifs.

Welcome to the May 2020 Edition of!

This remains a challenging time for us all, and in the spirit of quilting and sewing for the cause, we hope you'll join us in the Heroic Hearts Tote Project, which we created in conjunction with Sarah Maxwell of Designs by Sarah J! It's the perfect little creative break from the mask-making, and a fun and rewarding way to show our appreciation for those giving so much to our communities! Read more...

DOWNLOAD the Project NOW!

And check out all of our COVID-19 updates. As always, we're dedicated to helping you to #staysafeandcreate.

Whatever You Make, Make It with Marcus... and Studio 37 Fabrics!

Lisa Shepard Stewart
Marketing Manager

Introducing the Heroic Hearts Tote Project
Heroic Hearts Tote Project
Introducing the Heroic Hearts Tote Project
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