Marcus in the Media

Spring 2011 - Trends & Promos
  • PATCH-IT™ by Faye Burgos is introduced as an exciting creative follow-up to her STRIP-IT concept. With limited time, and many new beginners to inspire, versatility and novelty in fabric designs becomes more important. Novelty layouts like these are being utilized in new ways by creative designers like Vicki Bellino of Bloom Creek. We invite retailers to increase the impact of these fabrics with in-store demos featuring various templates used to cut these layouts creatively. Marcus has its own Patch-It & Strip-It creative ideas tip sheets available online (May 1) under our Make It with Marcus section.
  • SUPPORT THE TROOPS! – The AMERICAN VALOR FABRICS Collection earns rave reviews as a part of the Under Our Wings program organized by Marianne Fons. Marcus's collection stands out among the others for Faye Burgos' authentically styled center panel and easy-to-use coordinates.
  • BUTTERFLY MANIA - According to various style & fashion blogs, Spring/Summer 2011 brings the Butterfly motif info full focus. Butterflies symbolize many things in different cultures – it reminds us of the ephemeral nature of life, as well as hope of resurrection, freedom, beauty, femininity, and the confidence that follows. Laura Berringer's signature motif can be found in looks from sophisticated to playful:DECO DEMURE, FLORALANE, MUMBO JUMBO, and FLUTTER & FLOWERS.
  • RED & WHITE QUILTS - As the subject of a 650-piece exhibit in New York City in Spring 2011, Red and White theme quilts created a huge buzz in the quilt world, sparking renewed interest for the already popular color combination. Faye Burgos' GALLERY IN RED II line bridges traditional and contemporary tastes beautifully, and sold out quickly in FQ bundles during the event, sponsored by the Folk Art Museum.
  • BLOCKS-OF-THE-MONTH – These programs are increasingly popular across a variety of themes in the quilting market, and at Marcus in particular, from current & upcoming CIVIL WAR programs to AUNT GRACE'S GARDEN PARTY to PAULA BARNES' new BOM. Details on all BOM programs can now be found under the BLOCK OF THE MONTH PROGRAM NEWS tab on the website navigation. Here you'll find info on each program, with updates, links to the PDFs, collections and more.
  • The popularity of the HOBO QUILTS category shows the continued interest in American history as quilting inspiration, pointing to the country's Depression-era railroad culture & those who "rode the rails". RAILROAD TIES by Faye Burgos and new yarn-dyed PRIMO PLAIDS fit the theme perfectly.