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Marcus Fabrics Museum Collections: Advancing American Quilting Traditions

Marcus Fabrics continues to honor America’s long-established quilting history, with new museum collections by Judie Rothermel.  Influenced by the collections of the New England Quilt Museum and Old Sturbridge Village, she designs a wide array of fabrics.  Season after season, quilters & sewing enthusiasts rely on Judie Rothermel’s signature style and the Marcus quality they’ve come to expect.

By partnering with Old Sturbridge Village and the New England Quilt Museum, Marcus Fabrics develops beautiful reproduction fabric collections with year-round appeal.  Its growing number of museum fabric devotees includes not only quilters, but reproduction costume and decorative craft enthusiast as well.  The designs are often gleaned from the expansive quilt & fabric collections of the museums; other times, they are respectful interpretations inspired the originals.  

"Marcus is very proud of this special niche we've developed over recent years, in cooperation with Judie Rothermel.  Our collaborations with each of these unique organizations have allowed us not only the opportunity to provide financial support through the fabric sales, but also the pleasure of exposing these fine museums to a broader audience," says Stephanie Dell' Olio, president of the Marcus Fabrics retail division.

We’re proud to support each of these fine institutions in various ways, as they carry on the unique traditions of American quilting, and we invite our friends, associates and customers to visit and enjoy these exceptional resources.