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Modern Quilts

Detail of Amish with
a Twist by Nancy Rink
The Modern Movement is attracting a new style of quilter, yet its roots can be found in such quilting traditions as Gees Bend and Amish-inspired designs. We welcome any movement that allows for freedom of expression through beautiful fabrics! Check out our STUDIO 37 collections, and the Amish with a Twist program for creative inspiration...

Prairie Inspiration
With the introduction of Pam Buda and her HEART OF THE PRAIRIE collection, Marcus taps into the prairie lifestyle trend, popularized by our collective desire to reduce, recycle and reuse, or, to "make-do" as Pam describes it. Learn more about how Pam is inspired by the early pioneer women and how they relied on quilting and sewing skills to survive.

Support the Troops!
The AMERICAN VALOR FABRICS Collection earns rave reviews as a part of the Under Our Wings program organized by Marianne Fons. Marcus's collection stood out among the others for Faye Burgos' authentically styled center panel and easy-to-use coordinates.

Quilting & History
The 150-year commemoration of the American Civil War takes place throughout 2011, and with it, interest in quilting as a form of historical documentation is peaking. Quilters are creating heirloom quality quilts and other projects and seek the best of reproduction fabrics, patterns and inspiration.

An interesting extension of the "quilts as history" theme is the Hobo Quilt craze, reminiscent of America's Depression-era railroad culture.