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Tips for a Great Guild Newsletter
Helpful Hints: Tips for a Great Guild Newsletter – PART III: Ideas for Better Content

Many guilds are made up of members who live far from each other, and for some, the newsletter can be the only link for members who are unable to make meetings because of distance or busy lifestyles. This month, we continue our series on creating a more enjoyable & informative newsletter, with tips for offering better content. Please feel free to share these tips with your newsletter editor.

  • Always remember to get permission to use previously published material, and once permitted, be sure to properly credit your sources, including their contact information if appropriate.
  • Vary the style and “voice” of the newsletter by inviting one or two members to contribute a column, which would appear in every issue. Limit the length of the commitment (maybe 3 or 6 months?) and rotate assignments so that each interested member has an opportunity to contribute.
  • Be brief – figure out which stories can be presented in bulleted form for quicker, easier reading.
  • Personalize the newsletter with sections like Member News and/or Member Profiles.
  • Maintain a mix of article types – technical/educational, feature/informative, fun/entertaining.
  • Find content that is specific to your local guild area, such as news items from a nearby university or museum regarding textile related events.
  • Offer a discount to advertisers who can also contribute a brief article, such as tips on fabric storage, etc. Ensure that the writing is informative, rather than a blatant sales pitch.

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