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Tips for a Great Guild Newsletter
Helpful Hints: Tips for a Great Guild Newsletter – PART II: Working with Advertisers

Many guilds are made up of members who live far from each other, and for some, the newsletter can be the only link for members who are unable to make meetings because of distance or busy lifestyles. This month, we continue our series on creating a more enjoyable & informative newsletter, with tips for attracting and working with advertisers. Please feel free to share these tips with your newsletter editor.

  • Prepare a brief stat sheet about the guild and its members, newsletter schedule and other pertinent details – one page should suffice. Include this with a cover letter and copy of a recent newsletter as your media kit.
  • Is there a natural-born spokesperson in your guild? Consider her or him to be the ad sales rep, responsible for making the guild and its newsletter known in the community.
  • Reach out to more than the sewing & quilting retailers in your area. What other businesses would want to reach your captive audience? How about area colleges that offer sewing courses, or have textile collections, etc.? Think creatively.
  • Other local creative guilds might want to reach your group as well. (For leads, ask your members which other groups they belong to.) Consider swapping ads with other guilds to keep expenses down.
  • Offer a discounted rate for a full- or half year’s commitment to advertising. Also, include invitations and free passes to your guild’s show or other public events.

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