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Tips for a Great Guild Newsletter
Helpful Hints: Tips for a Great Guild Newsletter – PART I: Graphic Design

Many guilds are made up of members who live far from each other, and for some, the newsletter can be the only link for members who are unable to make meetings because of distance or busy lifestyles. This month, MB begins a short series on creating an enjoyable & informative newsletter. (The same tips apply for event programs and flyers as well.) Please feel free to share these tips with your newsletter editor.

  • Optimize readability by listing highlights of the issue on the cover, preferably in bullet form.
  • Keep typestyles simple, limiting them to two or three fonts per page to avoid visual clutter. Don’t use fancy fonts for blocks of copy – instead, save these for eye-catching headlines, then use plain, more legible fonts for the bulk of the copy.
  • Maintain enough “white space” between several small news items on a single page.
  • Break up long blocks of copy with a photo or relevant clip art, even a thick or thin rule line.
  • Include a caption with every photo. A photographer credit is always appreciated too, where possible.