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Helpful Hints: Building Your Presence in the Community

Most likely, part of the reason for forming your guild was to share your passion for quilting. In addition to your usual community service projects and outreach, try these ideas for spreading the word about quilting and your guild in the community:

  • Be sure your group is listed among civic groups in town.
  • Work with area realtors, offering flyers as part of a new resident’s welcome packet
  • Contact elementary school teachers to gauge their interest in short quilting demos to students, pointing out the combination of mathematics (algebra) and art that is involved in quilting.
  • Offer your services as a guild for commissioned corporate quilts that bear company logos or your original designs for display in their lobbies and other high-visibility areas. Think about city hall as well. Be sure to include signage for display that credits the guild, and provide brochures if possible.
  • Locate area groups that regularly hold dinners and other events, and create small wall hangings for their silent auctions, providing brochures to be displayed with the quilt during the event.
  • Bring quilting into traditionally non-quilting venues. Check on the possibilities for occasionally holding your regular meetings at area museums, YMCA’s, church or campus meeting rooms and other gathering spots. Ask your members for community spots that they frequent or where they may have connections.

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