Guild Connection

Make a Community Fundraiser Quilt!Make a Community Fundraiser Quilt!

One of the major activities among our many guild connection groups are ongoing community service projects, sewing up quilts for people in need both locally and around the world, and using the guild’s talents to raise funds for various worthy causes. From a new hospital wing to senior center activities to a municipal garden project, here are a few ideas to combine these goals, while also gaining visibility of your guild throughout the community.

  • Design a signature quilt with rectangles similar to brick walls or walkways, where supporters “purchase” bricks, which are then engraved with supporter’s name & date. The quilt can be sewn by guild members, designed with solid, light color sections that are later filled in with the supporter’s name and the date. For practicality, names can be collected, then added once a month.
  • Meanwhile, the quilt is displayed in a hospital lobby or other visible area for all to admire. Take this opportunity to include a sign and /or a handout dispenser with more information about the project and the guild, including contact information.
  • Quilt guild members themselves can sign the borders of the quilt, or sign a large label on the back of it, maybe including a photo transfer image of the quilters.
  • Unveil the quilt during another major function that is connected with the fundraising recipient. It’s likely that the local press will already be there to cover and photograph the event, but be sure to contact your regular PR list as well.
  • For the quilt design, choose a traditional quilt, or incorporate the logo or special colors of the organization it will benefit. Be sure to include two or three sizes of signature blocks, to invite different levels of financial support.
  • Or, make a quilted version of the fundraising “thermometer” design, where various contribution levels are marked upwards vertically as they are met.

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