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Victoria Findlay Wolfe Discusses Her LIGHT WORK Collection
Light WorkVictoria Findlay Wolfe

Light Work

LIGHT WORK makes me think of looking at old quilts, where the colors have faded away and you're left with a subtle color palette that still holds a power over the viewer. My own quilt, Cloudy Day, reflects this idea: quiet tones of a similar palette, with pops of color to draw your eye around the quilt. This collection features a wide range of low volume tones in modern graphic prints, just like shadows and layers of light contain many more colors than at first perceived. I wanted that variety for added interest, even in simpler quilt designs. I designed prints that I love to use, including:

  • Lucent, fun dots intermixed with swirly text for movement
  • Birdsong, inspired by a poem written by my husband, is a layered text print in a more organic arrangement - and you can never have enough text prints!
  • Dapple has splashes of color in a small scale.
  • Blur Plaid adds an edgy, shadowy woven look

All in all, a scrappy collection, making "LIGHT WORK" for the quilter. Enjoy the process, and let the fabrics work for you!