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It's Summer -- Teach A Kid to Quilt!
Summer break is the perfect time to introduce quilting to a child! We've gathered some tips & suggestions to make even the most informal lessons enjoyable and productive...
  • Let the initial goals be fun, self-expression, and quality time. Encourage natural creativity by resisting the urge to impose too many quilting "rules," from color combinations to the precision of " seams.
  • Project ideas include small, simple and useful items - think of a patchwork pillowcase, tote bag, decorative pillow, or wall hanging.
  • Take advantage of "reduce, reuse recycle" trends by having them create make decorative patchwork inserts for their jeans or T-shorts, or cutting up and piecing old jeans
  • Keep the level of project detail age-appropriate, at least until you've figured out his or her true interest level and abilities.
  • If quilting holds their interest, a field trip to the local quilt shop is a great motivator where you can show them the huge variety of fabric styles, notions, books, patterns, thread colors & more.
  • Raid your own quilting supplies for items you can lend (secondary rotary cutters, rulers, and batting remnants) before investing in new materials for practice.
  • Incorporate a simple quilting project (or a fabric craft in general) into a summer birthday party.
  • Check on the available summer classes for kids at your local quilt shop to reinforce what you're teaching at home.
  • Belong to a guild? Enlist some other members to organize a neighborhood "quilt camp" to expose a group of children to a variety of styles & techniques at one time.