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What Makes Our Flannel Prints and SUPER SOFTLY FLANNEL So Super?

True Flannel Season is in full swing, and this comfortable, easy-to-sew fabric has become a favorite all year long. We're celebrating with the addition of three gorgeous new fashion colors to our SUPER SOFTLY FLANNELS. They've become the industry standard for their soft hand, washability and colorfastness. Three new colors were created to coordinate with Laura Berringer's new MONKEY MATES cotton prints, rounding out a winning solid range of pastels, brights, neutrals, harvest and Christmas palettes.

  • Marcus flannel prints and solids are perfect for baby quilts, play mats, bibs and other baby essentials, along with toys for older children, holiday crafts, home décor, and general quilts.
  • Try flannel as a backing, with Marcus cotton prints on top. It gives quilts a substantial hand when used with cotton prints on top and a traditional batting in between.
  • Though the shrinkage on our flannels is minimal, it may be advisable to prewash the flannel when combining it with flat cottons, to allow for any difference in shrinkage.
  • Omit the traditional batting in between for a lightweight, all-purpose cover-up to use at home or when traveling.
  • When pairing flannel with cotton prints, it might help to baste the layers together first to prevent shifting. You might also find your walking foot to be useful. Test the layers with scraps to see whether you need to control the layers, and which method is best for your project.
  • It also provides a soft inner lining inside accessory pouches and covers for cell phones, tablets and other portable electronics. Try a double layer for added protection.
  • Flannel is an economical choice for quilt backing (remember, with or without a batting layer!)

In addition to our solids comes an array of printed flannels inspired by recent cotton print collections, including SUBTLE SKIES FLANNEL, and NOVELTY NICHE FLANNELS to match MONKEY MATES and HOOTIE TOOTIE CUTIE